Pole Dancing became more popular over the last few years and turned into a mainstream work-out. It turned into a global phenomenon and for good reasons. Pole Dance provided many benefits for your body and soul and it is great fun. If you have not tried it yet it is about time! And here are five reasons why you should through the pole dance clothes on right and start.

Pole Dance boosts your confidence and makes you feel strong

The biggest benefit of pole dancing is not the work-out, the abs and strength you gain, it is the self-confidence and the self-love you gain with it. You will get to know yourself and your body in a new way and connect with every single part of it. Pole dancing connects you to your body and makes you go out of your comfort zone many times. It challenges you in a unique way. It helps you to feel sexy like no other sports.

Come on, where else do you perform stunning tricks while wearing comfy and sexy clothes. Pole dance clothes are designed to make you feel sexy and confident. Additionally, every improvement you make when it comes to poses and spins gives your confidents that little extra boost. This sport gives you the opportunity to reconnect with yourself and rediscover yourself.

Pole Dancing improves your balance and kinesthetic awareness 

Your brain’s ability to calculate where your body is located in three-dimensional space in relation to other objects around you is called kinesthetic awareness.  Pole dancing and the complex routines and combos help to increase your kinesthetic awareness instantly. This means less chance of injuries due to bumping into stuff and reducing your clumsiness in your everyday life. Combined with good balance, increased kinesthetic awareness allows you to avoid nasty common accidents like slipping, falling, and knocking things over and having them fall on your feet, etc.

As a plus you also get more flexible over time and your joints and bones benefit from pole dancing too. This fact alone is reason enough to pick up pole dancing now.

It is the perfect work-out for your whole body

If you look for a work-out that has it all pole dancing is the sport for you. It is the perfect all-round work-out that trains your mussels, your brain and can help with weight-loss. And all this while it does not feel like exercise. The poses and array of different exercises tone your body and you do not even notice. It helps you to develop your core mussels and tones arms and legs.

It also helps with the blood flow and is good for your heart especially when you usually have a sedentary lifestyle. Pole dance gets you off that chair and activates your body’s blood flow. The best part is, that you will be able to see the results quickly and get more motivated. You will instantly feel the fun of the work-out and it feels less like a chore.

Pole dancing combines so many forms of fitness like dancing, floorwork, spins, climbing and much more. It never gets boring.

You become part of a friendly community

Another huge benefit of picking up pole dancing is becoming part of a fun and loving community. Stepping into a pole dance studio, you will instantly feel the sense of encouragement and support. In the pole community you can find friends and a safe and happy environment. The connections you make here are priceless. Pole dancers all over the world are always open and happy to connect with one another. You never have to worry about being judged within the community, as it featured women from all shapes and backgrounds. Everybody is welcome.

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It motivates you and reduces stress

On top of the physical benefits and the new community you will be part of, you will learn that pole dancing reduces your stress levels and makes you feel at ease. It can even help to make you sleep better. Nailing the moves and advancing on the pole can give you a feeling of euphoria and causes your body to produce endorphins. Those will help you to feel calmer and happier after your work-out. They lead to a better sleep and to make you calmer in general. Pole dance is an intense but effective exercise.

Now it’s your turn to start pole dancing and experience these and many other benefits yourself. Get your pole dance outfit from Ugo Dance and start! You will love it.