2020 and 2021 have been long and tough for Pole dancers. Until now, with lockdown still going on all around the globe, it is not easy to exercises and practise this fantastic sport. 

Luckily, either you are an expert or a total beginner, there is always a way to practice pole dance at home.

There are pole dance routines to do at home for everyone to keep your training up and ready for when studios will reopen, either you own a pole or not.

Pole Dance at home – when owning a Pole.

Suppose you have enough space to spin around without hurting any walls, tables, or furniture. In that case, you are lucky enough to have the freedom to install a pole in your own house. In your living room, terrace, or your bedroom, your pole will be a fantastic accessory to spice up your days, and maybe nights 😉  

Like always, safety first! Do your research and make sure to buy the right pole for you; there are many options on the market, do not go for the cheapest one. Go for the quality, not the price. Besides avoiding the risk of hurting yourself, it is much easier to resell a good quality pole than a cheap one.

 Now you got your pole at home, you have the perfect outfit wearing the proper pole dance home wear, but which kind of exercises can you do when pole dancing at home? 

The answer to this question is easy: everything. 

If you are an experienced pole dancer, you can keep your training up to date. Additionally, you can take some inspiration from YouTube videos, Instagram pages and be creative with your choreography.

Get your workout in

For beginners and advanced, there are a variety of YouTube channel or Instagram pages to follow; some of the best and free are:

Also, nowadays, there are many online classes for every level. Udemy and more specific platforms as 123poling, and Open Dance Academy are an excellent choice.

For total beginners, this could be a perfect opportunity to practice on base moves as

  • Spinning on the pole
  • Practising your grip 
  • Climbing the pole

You can also check out some other beginners’ moves for pole dancing here on our blog. 

Pole Dance Moves at Home Without owning a pole.

For those who do not own a pole, do not worry; we have you covered! 

Buying a pole is a commitment in terms of space, time, and, more than anything, money. If you want to stay in shape and be ready for your next pole dancing lesson at your favourite studio, you can practice your pole dance at home with some home workout for pole dance. 

Whether you own a pole or not, the first thing to do is stretch your muscles. Pole dance is a mix of strength and flexibility, and this is what you can train just with the help of a mat and a bit of patience.


Start with some basic stretching. Focus on every muscle of your body; remember that you use your entire body when you are pole dancing. It is essential to recognize and understand how to train every muscle independently; this will help you be more flexible and minimize injuries. 

After a good warm-up, focus on your split. Furthermore, can find many tutorials on how to practice your split, and if you are a total beginner, you can use some yoga block to help yourself when you get into it. Be consistent. Flexibility is something to exercise daily, and you will notice your progress in no time.


Push-up, squats, and abs will be your best friends. 

With the help of some elastic bands, warm up your muscles with

  • 30″ of squats, 
  • 30″ jumping squats, 
  • 30″ lounges. 
  • 30″ plank
  • rest for 30″ and repeat the same circuit two times more.

After the warm-up, you can train your strength alternating days of circuit training with days of resistance training. You can follow many online fitness classes, find the one more suitable for you, and remember that the main goal is to have fun in the process. 

Practice your Grip 

Something essential when on the pole is to have a powerful grip. You can substitute the pole easily with a hand-expander and train comfortably from your sofa! 

Last but not least… feel confident and sexy!

Whatever your training will be, do not forget to wear the appropriate pole dance clothes; this will help you focus on your workout and remind yourself what a sexy human being you are. In Ugodance‘s shop, you can find pole dance home-wear clothes specifically designed for every shape and body type to support all the crazy moves you will practice, not forgetting to feel sensual and comfortable.