We already talked about how Pole Dance moves and classes of Pole Dance for beginners can help you getting back in shape, improving your flexibility, strength, and more than anything, feed your self-esteem, making you feel beautiful with your own body.

 Let’s be honest, any sport, if done professionally, requires dedication and talent but, at the same time, not all of us want to be a professional. Either the goal is to train your body or to feel more sensual , and maybe learn some tricks to show off to your friends, Pole Dance and Pole Fitness lessons are the perfect activities for you.

There are some beginner pole dance moves that everyone can do, no matter the flexibility, strength, hight or weight. You just need a pole, some patience and the right pole dance wear to feel comfortable and being able to spin like a queen.

Let’s go see some of them:

Walking around the pole

You might think it’s obvious, but one of the first pole dance moves for beginners, taught in every beginner pole dance classes, is walking around the pole; as obvious as it sounds if we don’t have an inner sensuality this exercise will help you to built one, after practicing this pole dance move for couple of time, you will already start to feel sexier.

Go up on your toes, grab the pole with your inside hand, straight and high up on your head, shoulders down and back, pull away from the pole and start the walk with the inside leg, pointing your toes down and doing long steps, you should make 4 steps around the pole and go back to the original position.

Sitting on the Pole

Even if it sounds like a complicated position, is actually one on the best pole dance beginner’s moves . In order to build your grip strength and balance in the pole, try to exercise this often and hold the position every time a bit longer.

First of all, to make this exercise effective, I would suggest you to double check your wardrobe. Using the right pole dance wear can totally change your experience with pole.

 Pole dance shorts or panties are recommended to make the skin stronger, to be able to grip properly around the pole.

An example would be the https://ugodance.com/product/high-waist-velvet-bottom/ leaving you maximum flexibility and uncovered skin.

After you choose your outfit, stay behind the pole, bring your hands to chest heights, lift the left leg slightly straight almost to the hips point, lean against the pole with your whole body. Now just make a tiny jump to cross your right leg on top of the left and squeeze both legs against the pole. Try to keep your on top leg’s hip slightly higher so that the skin grips to the pole easier and hold the position as long as you can. You might have bruises at the beginning but this is all part of the game.

Back Hoop Spin

This position is sexy and easy; don’t be scared of letting yourself go to the pole and get ready to have some bruises on your legs after it. Bruises, yes. Worth it, also!

Inside hand high on the top on the pole, outside hand straight across your chest on the pole, place all your weight on your outside leg, stand your inside leg up and rotate backwards on your outside leg (now inside) until you hook both legs in the pole and slowly spin down.

Fireman Spin

Already from the name you can understand a lot.

This very sexy pole dance move will improve a lot your mobility on the pole, and you will feel sexier than ever; practice this to be able to do further moves a bit more advanced.

Inside hand high on the pole, inside foot on the ground and your outside arm across your chest on the pole, pulling you away from the pole. Kick your outside leg out and around the pole hooking the pole between your ankle bone and leg bone, start to spin and place your inside leg with your knee going to be behind the pole and the top-head of your foot hooking the pole.

Static Pencil Spin

Welcome to a fast class of abs, glutes and legs! With this position you will use every single muscle of your body,  if you want a quick work out session, you should definitely give it a try.

Make sure you start with your dominant arm before, so if you are right-handed you will need to start this with your left-hand on the pole at chest-high, step on the inside and right hand go up and around the pole because is the hand that is going to take you to spin around the pole.      Make sure to contract your abs pulling your belly button into the spine and squeeze your glutes, legs to be totally straight with your toes pointing down, make a little jump up and hold your weight up with your arms and… spin my queen.

Perfect wear: Our amazing Lurex Bosse Bottom to feel even sexier

How to climb a pole

This move is classic and essential. You will use a lot of legs, and abs and once you will manage to touch the ceiling, it will feel just like paradise. It might not be a traditional pole dance move for beginners but it is definitely an essential and one of the first moves to learn.  Get ready to have some bruises all over your body and look like a little monkey at the beginning.

The more you practice the sexier you will feel and your skin will get used to the pole until you will reach the point  to do not get anymore bruises(and pain!)

Your knee is going forward and presses against the pole, your shin is going diagonal, and do not forget to flex the foot.

Just push through

Now you will have the pole well pressed to the inside of your knee, shin, and to the top of your foot.  If you are starting with the right leg then the right hand will go on the pole and left on top of it, from this pose,  push down on the pole my right leg, elevate, and come around with the left leg, pressing against the pole.

At this point you should have the pole between your ankle bone and your heel bone, make sure that the pole is well secured between your knees; from this, you can start climbing the pole. Get focused on your legs, the more you use your legs the easier will be on your upper body. Pull up a little, back foot, front foot, squeeze and press up. Move your hands up, and again, back foot, front foot, squeeze between the knee and press up

 Keep on moving like this until you reach the ceiling, then slide down to the floor.

Those are just few of the pole dance moves that you can learn in a pole dance lesson for beginners, remember to wear the right pole dance shorts and outfit that will guarantee you the perfect mobility. Just to give you an example the perfect fit collection(https://ugodance.com/product/perfect-fit/) would be one of the perfect pole dance outfit to start your journey. Sexy and comfortable made by a pole dancer for pole dancers , from woman for woman; like the founder, Maria, would say.  

If you are still wondering if this is the right sport for you here there are 5 reasons why you should start pole dancing right now. Enjoy your journey in the Pole dance world.