Picking up pole dancing is the first step, but like with other new sports, you might wonder what you would need to wear. Many questions about pole dance wear might pop up in your head: Can I wear clothes? Can I wear leggings? What can I wear to have a grip on the pole still? Are our pole fitness clothes comfortable? Which material is the best?

No worries, we are here to answer these and many other questions you might have. Our tips on essential pole wear will get you started. Dressing for pole fitness will be easier than you think.

Pole Dance Shorts

Pole dancing is best done in a comfy sports Bra and perfectly fitting shorts. Those are important; you will move around a lot and use your legs on the pole all the time. Bare skin offers a better grip on the pole, and that is why we recommend wearing shorts rather than leggings. However, if you want to start with some more clothes, you can use leggings and a tank top. Shorts will give you a better experience and results. When you get your first pair of pale fitness shorts, it is very important that they fit well and feel comfortable. Most importantly, you should feel well and beautiful in them.

At Ugo Dance, we have different kinds of pole dance shorts that are crafted to fit anybody. You can find anything from high-waisted pole shorts to ordinary work-out shorts. All are hand-made and fit different shapes and sizes. If you need help picking one out, do not hesitate to get in touch, and Maria, our founder, will help you to pick one out.

Sports Bra

Tops are as important as bottoms because you want to feel comfortable, have the right support, and still feel pretty. That is why we worked with different strong fabrics and created a wide range of pole dance bras for your comfort. We also offer one-pieces that work as a pole dance body or a bathing suit. Get in touch to let us walk you through our products and find the perfect pole dance top for you.

Heels or Bare Feet?

If you just start out with pole dancing, you might not want to wear heels in the beginning, and that is totally fine. You can start barefoot and slowly pole your way up to the high heels. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and sexy, no matter what pole dance shoes you wear.

Pole Dance accessories to pimp up your look

Not really an essential to start pole dancing, but in some situations, you might want to dazzle up your look a bit. It is not hard to do that while still being comfortable. An easy way to make your pole dance clothes shine even more is wearing laces. They mark beautiful lines on your body, look sexy, and do not come in the way of your routine. At Ugo Dance, we make sure that the pole dance laces are soft and comfortable, like our clothes.

Laces are just a plus, though, usually, you can shine with the right pole dance outfit and be comfortable at the same time. Once you have the essential wear and get used to your pole dance classes, you will fall in love, and pole dance wear will flood your closet.

If you need advice on what to wear for your first pole dance adventure, do not hesitate to contact us!