When we buy pole dance clothes, certainly the three keywords are: flexible, comfortable, and sexy. No matter if you go for competitions, use them at home or just for a pole dance class, choosing the right pole dance wear shop is crucial.

Here there are some tips on how to choose the perfect Pole dance outfit.

Firstly, mind the material of your pole dance wear. 

The golden rule of choosing the perfect outfit is to care about materials; When shopping in any pole dance shop, make sure you get enough information about the products you are about to buy. That is to say, Pole dance is a sport that sees your body in constant skin to skin contact. Therefore, you need to be able to stretch and to have a good grip. If you are not careful, the wrong material could give you redness and, even worse, could make you slide from the pole, not very enjoyable.  

The trick is: Make sure your clothes make you feel naked.

There are many pole dance wear brands already in the market, but the best brands are the ones that specify where the products come from and that can guarantee you that your new leggings or your unique crop top are just a second skin.

For example, on Ugodance’s website explains how our products are created, handmade by women for women. These are the kind of valuable information you need to look at when you choose your pole dance outfit. 

Secondly, be sexy.

Pole dance is the right sport to boost your confidence; consequently, you can not forget to look for the sexiest outfit when buying pole dance clothes. Sparkling tops, bright colours, shorts, tops, bodysuits, leggins… everything is well accepted! In other words, you need to feel sexy, good with your body and confident. Strength and flexibility are two essential factors for pole dance, but you will never be able to be smooth on the pole without the right confidence. In conclusion, it doesn’t matter your body type; what really matters is the confidence you get when you look yourself in the mirror, and you like what you see. 

Everybody is beautiful as it is, and you need to find the right pole dance outfit to valorize it.  

To sum up…


If you want to avoid bruises, you will definitely need to wear leggins! as we already said, pole dance is a skin to skin and skin to pole sport; therefore, you will need to leave a bit of skin uncovered to make your grips strong. I strongly suggest wearing bike leggins, like the one we have in Ugodance’s web page. You are covered but with style, perfect if you want to practice your grips without too many bruises. 

Top and Bra

Sexy and with lots of different shapes, you can find any kind of crop top or simply sports bra that would serve the cause. It is vital to wear something that will hold your chest when upside down to avoid pain and to feel freer to move around the pole without worrying.

Pole shorts

If you are not afraid of bruises and want to feel like a professional, pole shorts are essential to pole dance wear, as the skin can grips much better to the pole than leggings. 

In conclusion, to find the perfect pole dance clothes, it is important to trust the buyer. Knowing where the material is coming from, making sure it will bring you all the comfort you need and making sure you choose the right outfit for you to valorize your body, no matter size and shape. 

On Ugodance’s shop, you can find many different outfits, made for any kind of body shape with a good description of how to choose your perfect size online. But more importantly, Ugodance works with love and passion, respecting its workers and helping the women’s community.